What Does A Dental Crown Procedure Typically Entail?

Has your dentist talked to you about crowns? If your dentist has suggested putting in a dental crown, you are probably wondering what the procedure is like. Putting in a crown can actually be fairly complex. Read on if you would like to learn a little more about what you should expect going forward:

The Initial Consultation

If you’re thinking about having a dental crown put in, the first thing you will need to do is set up a consultation with your dentist. If you’re looking for an amazing Jacksonville dental office, check out Farnham Dentistry for your dental crowns. During your initial consultation, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth.

In most cases, dental crowns are put in to protect the teeth or to replace a missing tooth. Your dentist will take a closer look at the impacted area and work to determine whether or not a crown is the best possible solution.

Preparing The Tooth

If your dentist decides that you would benefit from a dental crown, your tooth will have to be prepared. Typically, your dentist will schedule two appointments for you. The first appointment will be about getting you ready for your crown. The second appointment is when your crown will be put in.

During this appointment, your tooth will be carefully cleaned and examined. Your dentist will make sure that you are completely ready for your crown. They’ll take a close look at your tooth and get you taken care of.

Making Dental Impressions

During your initial appointment, your dentist will also make impressions of your teeth. Once the impressions have been made, they’ll be sent over to a laboratory. The staff at the lab will use the impression to make a crown that is a perfect fit for your teeth.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, these kinds of impressions are very easy to make. While there are a few different ways for dentists to make impressions, the process shouldn’t take very long. Your dentist will be able to get what they need and move on to the next part of your appointment.

The Temporary Crown

Since your crown will be made especially for you, you won’t be able to have your crown put in immediately. However, your dentist will be able to protect your teeth in the meantime by putting in a temporary crown for you.

The temporary crown won’t match your teeth as perfectly as a real crown will. However, it will provide your teeth with some short-term protection. Because your crown will be temporary in nature, your dentist may give you some restrictions. For example, they might request that you avoid eating certain types of foods. Follow their instructions so that you won’t have any issues with your temporary crown.

Placing The Finished Crown

When your new crown is ready, your dentist will schedule an appointment to place the crown. During this appointment, your temporary crown will also be removed. Your dentist will ensure that your new crown is placed perfectly. Unlike your temporary crown, your new crown won’t be taken out in the future. In most cases, dental crowns are designed to be permanent.

You may experience some pain or discomfort after your crown is placed. It might take some time before you adjust to having a crown. However, you should adjust in time. Eventually, your crown will feel like it’s one of your real teeth.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a dental crown procedure entails, you won’t have to worry about your upcoming appointment. You’ll know exactly what you should expect. Getting your crown put in shouldn’t be a problem for you at all.