About CSI Dental College

About CSI Dental College  

We are a professional online learning community, with an in-house training academy, offering internal certification, to prepare dental students and employees to offer amazing oral health services and fair pricing. 

There are many general backgrounds and types of professionals in dental and medical settings who are considered qualified for many positions of medical and dental professionals. Through our online learning center, we have helped doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, denturists and dental technicians all perform at a better level of dental professionalism.

CSI Dental College mission statement

“We want our students to feel comfortable, confident and prepared for the challenges of the future.”

Some may find this kind of medical school training disappointing. We recommend that students at CSI visit the school’s official website and review the “Courses by Subject” to make an informed decision as to which path you will be taking as a student at CSI.

About Dr. Norma DMD

Before Dr. Norma was a practicing DMD, she was a mission medic in West Africa in early 2000. She knew the mission of her profession and wanted to give back as best as she could, to the community and world. Dr. Norma was born in India to an Indian mother and a British father. 

Having seen poverty first hand she started csidentalcollege.org as a way to give back to the dental community at large.